Weighing In on No GMO with Natural Products Insider

Wendel Rosen partner Bill Acevedo was recently asked by Natural Products Insider to weigh in on the recent lawsuit filed against Nestlé USA and its use of a NO GMO Ingredient symbol on some of its food packaging.  While the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act prohibits labeling that is false or misleading in any particular,Continue reading “Weighing In on No GMO with Natural Products Insider”

See You at Expo East!

  Wendel Rosen food and beverage attorney William Acevedo will be attending the Natural Products Expo East tradeshow in Baltimore, Maryland from September 12-15, 2018.  He’ll be there to check in with clients, see the newest products and trends, and to support the Plant Based Foods Association.  Wendel Rosen is proud to sponsor the PBFA’sContinue reading “See You at Expo East!”

New Ruling on Acrylamide Brings Breakfast Back to the Table – First Coffee, Now Cereal

[Author note: this post was written by Wendel Rosen attorney Wendy Manley.]   Just weeks after a court determined that a Proposition 65 (Prop 65) warning is required for acrylamide in coffee, a California appellate court ruled a warning is NOT required for acrylamide in breakfast cereals.  Acrylamide is listed as a carcinogen by theContinue reading “New Ruling on Acrylamide Brings Breakfast Back to the Table – First Coffee, Now Cereal”

NCSLA 2018 Annual Conference

Wendel Rosen attorney, Eugene Pak, will be attending the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators in Waikoloa, Hawaii from June 17-20, 2018. He’ll be there to hear all about “Regulatory Strategies for an Innovative Marketplace” – this year’s conference theme – and we can’t wait to get his take on it when he returns toContinue reading “NCSLA 2018 Annual Conference”

New Product Labeling Requirements for Coffee

[This post was written by Wendel Rosen environmental attorney Wendy Manley.]   Coffee drinkers were pleasantly surprised recently to learn their daily beverage may afford a number of health benefits. The beverage contains antioxidants and nutrients, and may protect against Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and liver cancer. Make that a double latte, please.            Continue reading “New Product Labeling Requirements for Coffee”