Lyons_Richard_5x7Richard Lyons, Chair – I’m Richard (Dick) Lyons, a business attorney who has worked with food and beverage companies, particularly those in the  “natural” or organic space, since the mid-90’s.  I’m a believer in healthy food and an avid consumer of my clients’ products.  The last 20 years have seen the transformation of healthy food and beverages from a small niche to the largest consumer packaged goods companies and mainstream retailers.  The pace of change continues to accelerate, with technology playing a bigger and bigger role in the industry.  I will be blogging about legal developments that food and beverage companies and their investors need to know about.

acevedo_william_5x7William Acevedo – 
I am Bill Acevedo, a business attorney who has represented food manufacturers, entrepreneurs and investors for over a decade.  I serve as outside general counsel to several of my clients, and I help them with all manners of business challenges and opportunities – entity formation, co-packing agreements, financing, FDA regulatory compliance, class actions, recalls – you name it.  My focus is on helping my clients grow and achieve their business goals, whatever they may be.  I will be blogging about the legal issues that impact business growth and how they can be addressed.

cohen_joshua_5x7Joshua Cohen – Hey, I’m Josh Cohen.  I chair the Intellectual Property Litigation Group at Wendel Rosen and help our food and beverage clients with their intellectual property issues as well as helping them with litigation matters.  Food and beverage companies are a prime target for litigation and I try to work with our clients to avoid litigation and to minimize the disruption when litigation does occur.

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